5 Fun Activities to Do with the Wooden Digital Train

Looking for some engaging activities to do with your child using the Wooden Digital Train? Here are 5 fun and educational games that will keep your little one entertained while also learning valuable skills.


1. Color Matching

Set up a color matching game by placing different colored blocks along the train track. Ask your child to match the color of the train with the corresponding block. This activity helps improve color recognition and visual discrimination.

2. Number Sequence

Use the digital display on the train to create number sequences. Start with simple patterns like counting by twos or fives, and gradually increase the difficulty. This game helps strengthen your child's understanding of numbers and sequencing.

3. Shape Sorting

Introduce shape sorting by placing various shaped blocks on the train cars. Ask your child to match the shapes with the corresponding slots on the train. This activity enhances spatial awareness and shape recognition skills.

4. Counting Challenge

Challenge your child to count the number of train cars as they move along the track. You can also ask them to count the number of blocks or objects placed on each train car. This game helps improve counting skills and number recognition.

5. Addition and Subtraction Race

Create a fun race where your child needs to solve simple addition and subtraction problems to move the train forward. Use the digital display to show the equations, and encourage your child to answer quickly. This activity reinforces basic math skills in a playful way.

With these 5 interactive games, you can make learning with the Wooden Digital Train both fun and educational for your child. Watch as they develop essential skills in colors, numbers, and basic math while having a great time playing with their favorite toy!

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